Saturday, June 18, 2005


Well there was a demonstration…
But it did not result in any deaths… I don't think.

Iran has a well-oiled rumor mill that I sometimes accidentally participate in.

We had 2 days of vote talk. At the last minute one of our friends began to canvass for Moin. He called everyone he knew and convinced them to go out and vote. "What are you waiting for?" He asked friends, family, and strangers. "Do you think America or Europe is going to come in and save us? Are you going out onto the streets? Do you think we should have a new revolution?" These are the questions he asked the non-voters. He was able to convince many to go out and vote. Many others remained unconvinced.

Boycotters argued that only a boycott would send the right message. I have always been dubious of this argument. I think it is difficult to weed active non-voters out from the apathetic.

And now we hear that Karoobi is leading. What?


Anonymous said...

I just noticed something...
You've lived in Iran long enough that you are starting to translate from Farsi back to English!!!
"I don't think so" vs. "I don't think." The former is how Americans say it and the latter is used in Farsi by Iranians...
Isn't that intriguing?! What do you think?
Great job by the way... Your viewpoint is refreshing.

ET said...

No... it's the opposite. Americans often leave off the "so", Iranians use it even when it is unneccessary...

Although you are right sometimes... I soemtimes find myself using Persian grammatical structures in English sentences. Like: Anonymous, what did he write?