Friday, June 10, 2005

Watching from Shariati Street

Our friend thinks that there was a revolution two nights ago. She was out on Shariati Street where the crowd was tearing down election posters and young women were burning their headscarves.
Anyone else see anything like this?

Our crowd was celebratory and peaceful. I cannot imagine a more mellow group of football celebrants. They had fun without getting into fights.

"Imagine what this would be like if these guys had a few beers in them," K commented.

"They'd probably toppling cars and setting them on fire like sports fans everywhere else."


assigned reader said...

There is a saying in Persian, called "one crow, forty crows!". It refers to situations when a trivial act is exaggerated by word of mouth. I guess that so-called revolution was a 1-crow-40-crows type! But hey, stranger things have happened!

ET said...

What a great saying! My friends and family will laugh when they read it because I am famous for exxageration: (look: I even spell the word with 2 x's!).

I try so hard to reign in my irrational exuberance in this blog. K thinks I sometimes err to much on the side of caution.