Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My first Joke

I told a joke…
We were in a taxi (as usual…). An SUV cut us off. "What does he think he is doing?" our driver complained.

I said, "We have a joke: where does a 500 pound gorilla sit?... Anywhere he likes."
(Just to prove that I can tell a joke in Persian: "250 kilo-ee gorilla koja mishineh? … Har ja keh mekhad.")

The driver laughed and said, "Exactly!" A few seconds later he said, "We have a joke too. Where does Rafsanjani sit? … Anywhere he likes."


Ali said...

This post was hillarious :))
I thought you might want to check these links out:


Ali said...

Oppps, sorry, I don't know why it chups out the last part of the URL!!!
I'll try to break it down:
Concatenate this:

K.D said...

Good comparison, except that a gorilla is much more beautiful than Rafsanjani!

rebil said...

That's an old gorilla joke. rebil

ET said...

Ali, Thanks for the linls. The film is really interesting.

Rebil: the best thing about living in a new culture is that no one has heard your tired old jokes yet!