Thursday, June 23, 2005

Filtering the Internet in Iran

Iran is the country of stupid filtering tricks. I have read that they bought their web filter from an American company: Secure Computing... So much for spreading free speech all over the world... Hey Bush, wanna' spend your free speech money wisely? Impose an embargo on companies that restrict free speech.

Upstart in Iran Election Campaigns as Champion of Poor - New York Times:

"But if Mr. Ahmadinejad had one point that he wanted to get across it was that people should not fear that he will try to impose Taliban-style rule over Iran. 'They have said if I become president I will shut down the Internet,' Mr. Ahmadinejad said Wednesday night. 'Why do they say that?'

He added: 'My children and my wife are constantly on the Internet. They don't give me a chance to use the phone line. My wife loves doing her research on the Internet.'"

Forget politics, pornography, and other controversies...his wife is certainly not looking for any women's health information in the course of her research. You can't even access articles about breast cancer.

Ironically, the one thing that Iranian television freely presents are programs regarding health. But don't try to access the same information on the internet... it is forbidden.


Anonymous said...

Secure Computing has sold no licenses to any entity in Iran, and any use of Secure's software by an ISP in Iran has been without Secure Computing's consent and is in violation of Secure Computing's End User License Agreement. We have been made aware of ISPs in Iran making illegal and unauthorized attempts to use of our software. Secure Computing is actively taking steps to stop this illegal use of our products. Secure Computing Corporation is fully committed to complying with the export laws, policies and regulations of the United States. It is Secure Computing's policy that strict compliance with all laws and regulations concerning the export and re-export of our products and/or technical information is required. Unless authorized by the U.S. Government, Secure Computing Corporation prohibits export and reexport of Secure products, software, services, and technology to Iran and destinations subject to U.S. embargoes or trade sanctions.

David Burt, Public Relations Manager
Secure Computing®
1-206-336-1541 (Direct Phone)
1-206-683-9508 (Mobile Phone)

ET said...

David Burt, Thank you for your comment. I believe you.

Please keep us informed of how your company is progressing with its efforts to keep Iran from making illegal use of your software.

And one more question: what if they use an ISP in another country?

Let me tell you how Iranians manage to purchase products that they are not allowed to have. They buy them in Dubai or Europe. The sales representative says to them: "I am happy to sell you our product, just don't tell me where it will be installed."

Do you punish sales representatives for making big sales? I doubt it very much.

Yishay said...

Secure Computing's SmartFilter is used by Iran and Tunisia to violate freedom of speech. Secure Computing's PR manager, Dave Burt, denies selling software to Iran but admits selling it to Tunisia - while being aware of its use.

See details:

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