Monday, June 13, 2005

Bombings in Iran...

7 Bombings Shatter Iran's Pre-Election Calm, Killing 10 - New York Times:
"Even so, if a pro-Hussein group is responsible for the bombings in Iran, that suggests that the instability plaguing Iraq may have begun to spill over into Iran. It also suggests that Iran's leaders could get more involved in Iraqi politics.

Mr. Mohammadi rejected the possibility that Iran's armed opposition group in exile, the Mujahedeen Khalq, was behind the bombings. But he said the bombings were aimed at undermining public participation in the election on Friday.

Bomb explosions have been almost unheard of in Iran since the eight-year war with Iraq ended in 1988. .

There were some indications that the Ahvaz bombings might have been rooted in a more local dispute. Ahvaz was the site of ethnic protests in April over rumors that the government wanted to relocate some of the region's Arab population.

The rumors grew out of a letter that had been circulated suggesting that there was such a government plan. The government said the letter was forged, but 250 people were arrested in the protests, and at least one person was killed."


Anonymous said...

As I commented before, Rafsanjani is a political prostitute. Now you may delete this comment as you did my previous one. You have learned your lesson, censorship, from Mullahs.

Goldie said...

Hello again. Thanks for your thoughtful response to my earlier comment. Now I have a question: Who do Iranians think is behind these attacks? My first instinct was that it was Sunni terrorists from/based in Iraq. If that's the truth or the general perception, do you think this could turn Iranian public opinion more toward the US with regard to the Iraq occupation?

Rosebuds said...

I have loved your blog from the beginning but you have evolved from the comments into reporting "news"...what are the "taxis" saying about the news, you know the stuff you previoulsly reported instead of regurgitating news that a google seach could turn up....please tell us the "street news, taxi news, what are the styles worn by the women in Iran...I can read the news..I need to hear what your "feet on the street" can tell me...what are your relatives saying...PLEASE!!!

ET said...

Anonymous, I did not delete your comment, and I won't delete your comment.

Goldie, I don't know how Iranians feel about the attacks. Mostly, people are not discussing them (yet) except to say that they hope they will not continue. Overall, Iranians may be the most peaceful people I have ever lived amongst. It's true that I have seen fights here, but I have also seen how many people jump in to stop those fights. As a rule, I think that the vast majority of Iranians are really, truly peaceful.

Iranian public opinion is so pro-American that it could only become less pro-American, not more.

Rosebuds, I will try to post more from the street. I have been kind of off the street for several days so I have not had any time to respond.

As for K's family's response to the bombing: they hope it doesn't start a trend. Many of them live in Ahvaz, which was heavily bombed during the Iran-Iraq war. No one has voiced any theories except for me. Most people just hope that it is not a trend. I will try to write more in the body of the blog.