Monday, June 27, 2005

In the interest of even more fairplay...

More on Secure Computing...

Yishay Mor; Slightly informed, highly opinionated.: "Some time ago I posted a call to ban Secure Computing, the company that makes SmartFilter.
The reason: these guys are selling their software to Tunisia, which uses it to block pornography and political debate.

Today I got a comment from Mr. David Burt, PR manager, explaining that secure computing do not licence software to Iran, due to its strick adherance to the US embargo, and any Iranian ISP using SmartFilter was doing it illeagaly.

I almost flogged myself in public, but then I re-read my original post. Hang on Dude, I say, I was talking about Tunisia. What about Tunisia? You know, they are using your software to shut people up. I even warn him that I'm going to post his response.

Here it is:

We sell to ISPs where the law allows. It's really up the customer how they use
our software.

right. thanks. have a nice day."


pinocchio said...

This is a nice job that you have started. I think if they care about democracy then they have to do something against this filtering companies as they are doing against file sharing companies:

File-sharing suffers major defeat

I think these two cases are extremely similar expect that one deals with money the other with freedom. By the way, I think it is possible to do something. Just let the idea spread ...

ET said...

Pinocchio: what a great idea! I like the way you think. Part of me worries that taking this tactic can lead to a legal nightmare for both positive and negative uses of technology.

That said, these companies need to take a little more responsibility for the uses and misuses of their technology. I have to think about this one.