Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Trip report, part 1

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Keivan's tale of our trip... Pictures are from postcards due to camera malfunction.

How can I get to Kashan from here? I asked our driver in the restaurant. We were sitting about 6 hours from Tehran but it was like we were in a different world completely.

Oh Kashan, there are a couple ways, the best way is if I take you to a point where you can go directly to Kashan, He answered

I think he felt bad for me because I had such a bad day, and he wanted to do something nice for me.

I don't want to take you way off of your way, I said.

Yes, Oh, No problem, it will only add 50 kilometers to our trip.

I agree and am happy that I do not have to change 3 different cars to get to Esther.

I call Esther on our friend's mobile to let her know that I will be in Kashan in 4 hours, Sounds good, Esther told me. She was very worried about me and what happened in the meeting that I won't talk about on this blog, but I decided not to talk to her about it until we were back from our trip.

We headed toward Kashan, but we did not get close. A couple of hours later we found out we took the wrong way. We were only 120 Kilometers from Esfahan when we had to turn around.

It took me more than 7 hours to get in our room in Kashan. It was nice to see Kay and her friendly friend Kay in Kashan. (oh yeah I know what you thinking, two Kays, I found out when the Kays were born a lot of names ware banned by the British government and that is why a lot of girls were named Kay. It's a bit like Fatima in Iran, and I know you are asking when were they born? but I cannot get into that because this almost cost me a seat in the car)

So before I can go ahead with this post I need to explain one thing since I am going to refer to her many times, how do you know which Kay I am talking about? I can't use, nice or tall, or friendly, or these kinds of words, since they are both nice, tall, and friendly, so the second Kay will be Cay. You should know she has a very nice smile.

Finally, I arrive in Kashan. I love the way Kashanis speak. This is my first time in Kashan, so I need to get to know this city better considering the short time we have in Kashan. It is a very beautiful city with great old houses and a nice bazaar. Esther thought the young men were not nice mainly because we did not see very many women outside.

At dinner in the Yalda restaurant, where Kay and Esther really want to go, we sat down to eat. Esther and Kay have at least two things in common: first of all they both like food, almost any food, and secondly they can get their way with selection/sharing food. I have almost known from the beginning of our trip in Kashan that I will never get my way with selecting food on this trip, My two attempts to get a lovely kebab were harshly turned down. I do have to admit that they really know what they want and they get really good food… Still, I missed my kebab, even after I tried to use Cay's need for a taste of Iranian Kebab as an excuse to order one. I got very dirty looks after that suggestion. (Editors aside: Kay works in Iran, but Cay was only here for one week) We had excellent food that night in Kashan (Aside 2: if you go, ask for the restaurant run by the English lady. The appetizer of liver was especially good) with a couple of good looking guys waiting on us that helped make our only night there lovely. If those guys knew how much some of us were talking about them, they would not have been able to sleep for nights.

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Next morning when we left Kashan after a lovely visit to the bazaar where Kay got herself a lovely small silk carpet, I know we will have fun. I really liked the fact that the guys in the bazaar did their best to sell goods in very gentlemanly way, here I mean not pushy like guys in Esfahan. We finally left Kashan, after a short visit to nicely design, but badly kept up Fin garden where Amir Kabir was killed. Seeing a visit to the Hamam where Amir Kabir was killed reminded me of more things, like how could they put that ugly man in a glass room and call it Amir Kabir? he looked like anybody but AK.

We are in the car. Natanz next, but first let me know if you want more.


Anonymous said...

Nesereddin Shah was such a type that I can't believe anyone in AK's position would retain it without adapting to a similar perspective on reality. Wikipedia is too lauditory I think.

Edo River rising

Anonymous said...

Yes, please, I would like to read more very much! It is very interesting.

Anonymous said...

keep posting. Interesting stuff

Anonymous said...

Both K and E are wonderful blog-posters, thank you for writing, it's really great to read. Insightful, humorous, interesting!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Please write more.

Beck said...

Definitely more, please!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures of the Bakhtiari tribe!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures of the Bakhtiari tribe!

ET said...

The pictures were from the Qashqai tribe which is around Esfahan.