Saturday, October 21, 2006

Shamelessly looking for a new job


I would like to relocate my life to the godless west so I am shamelessly asking for work. Does anyone out there have a good job for me? If you are a reader then you know that I have fine powers of observation. Oh yes.

I would love to stay connected to Iran. That is my first choice. My second choice is well-known by my friends and family, and they are already helping me out with that.

Email if you know of anything: responses AT



Anonymous said...

I am visiting this site for the first time. Usually I am reading the Iraqi blogs.
You want to get out of Iran? Where is your resume? No need. Come to Japan, you can teach English here. The important factor is your age. Younger is better because your salary will be cheaper. You can market your capacities to inform about Islam and Iran in Tokyo especially. As an American you can get in and get work. Then you can make contacts.

Edo River rising.

ET said...

Thank you Edo,

Actually right now I would like to spend more time close to my family, so Tokyo is a bit far. Although... hmmm... sure would be interesting to try out yet another radically different culture.

nima said...

hi ,
this is the 1st time I am visiting this blog, so I don't really know what's goin on here...
Let me know who you are and what you do here in Iran plz...
PS: Why did you come here and why are planing to leaver Iran?

Anonymous said...

With your persian, have you considered working for the US government? I'm sure they could use you. And it would be good to have someone who actually understood Iran working there...

Anonymous said...

yes, It is very very easy for an American or European to get a job in Tokyo teaching language.
The tough question isn't whether, but should you? Secondly the money can be good "depending on how you market yourself".

Edo River rising