Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Khomeini's Letter

Interesting post on the recently revealed letter from Khomeini:

From Angus McDowall:

"Khomeini quoted Revolutionary Guard estimates that the war could not be won for at least five years, and only then if Iran had the following equipment:

'350 infantry brigades, 2,500 tanks, 300 fighter planes and 300 helicopters as well as the ability to make a substantial number of laser and atomic weapons which will be the necessity of the war at that time. The strength of the IRGC must be increased seven times and the Military by two-and-half times.'

But before anybody gets carried away, a word of caution. Khomeini at no point in the document suggests that he supported getting the bomb or that it would be religiously acceptable. All his known public utterances on the subject maintained that nuclear (as well as chemical and biological) weapons are haram (a position that has been carefully maintained by all other senior Iranian officials and clerics)."

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Anonymous said...

This letter was published as a part of Montazaeri's memoirs some years ago. But there was so much commotion about other parts of that book that nobody really paid any attention to this particular letter. Plus everyone already knew the bad shape that Iran was in 1988.