Saturday, October 28, 2006

Too much holiday

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How odd to complain about too much holiday, but that is what I am about to do. Last week, Ahmadinejad announced that Eid would not be one day, no, but 3! Which meant 4 with Friday. Certainly, many school children were thrilled, but for the rest of us it was a royal pain in the ass…

Here are some of the comments I heard from people:

“My friend went to Europe and had to change tumans into Euros. The banks were all closed so he had to call a bunch of friends to get the money he needed for traveling.”

“It was boring and annoying.”

“We didn’t get enough money out of the bank before it closed.”

“We didn’t put enough money into the bank before it closed.”

“There was no way to make plans.”

“My projects are now behind one-week.”

Too much paternalism and populism; too little thoughtfulness…


David Mohammad Yaghoobi said...

I've never heard so much complaining about a national holiday.

The lack of notice seems to be where the grumbling comes from.

I've been hearing much the same remarks. "We could have planned a trip away!", is a common one. I swear they do this deliberately. We can't be too organised or autonomous.

Anonymous said...

And the funny thing is that Fetr fell on Monday for Sunnis. This is in contrast to the claims that they wanted to appease the said minority. They should just give the power to declare a holiday once each year to provinces so that places with a high Sunni concentration can make Fetr a two-day holiday. Most people elsewhere don't care for religious holidays in Iran, even one day is too much.

Anonymous said...

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