Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Goodbye M

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Living in Tehran is like being at summer camp. The friendships are brief and intense, you swear you’ll be friends for life, and sometimes you never see your dearest heart ever again.

So when we had to say goodbye to a dear friend who left the country recently, it’s no surprise that I was left as stunned as I was when I was 12 years old on my last day at overnight camp. (I was one of those who loved camp).

So goodbye to a dear friend who spent one of her last nights in Iran comforting a woman who had barely survived a fatal crash and who saved me and K when we were most depressed. Everyone should have such a friend.

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Anonymous said...

I totally get your statement that living in Iran is like living in a summer camp when it comes to making solid connections with others. Living in Saudi Arabia is the same - with friendships built seemingly overnight that can - and do - withstand all sorts of trauma and drama.

I'm new to Blogher and just walking thru the Middle East blogroll. hehe you can expect to see me here often as I have more time to read! Thanks for a great post.