Monday, September 25, 2006

Sept. 25, 1899

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101 years ago today, my grandfather landed in America with a sister that my father only found out about yesterday through an internet search of records stored at Ellis Island. How cool is that?


Ruth said...


My sister's name is Esther. I did not think that the name was that common among American Jews. I like your blog and I like your minimalist style of writing. Very elusive but packs a punch. Can I ask you a few personal questions?
Are you in Iran for life?
Did you have to convert because you married a Muslim?
Why are you living in Iran? Do you work?

ET said...

Well Ruth, I have a sister named Ruth which was even rarer than Esther when I was born... Maybe you are my sister! Or maybe our parents were on the same wavelength: Ruth, the convert who followed her husband to a new land and a new people (consumate immigrant experience) and Esther the Queen of Persia...

aje said...

Ruth followed her mother-in-law Naomi to a new land and a new people. Naomi went to Moab where her husband and sons died. Ruth followed Naomi when she decided to return to Bethlehem.

We heard the story of Ruth and Naomi on Yom Kippur.

How about Vashti, now that's a name you don't hear very often, but there was an article in Champaign's News Gazette about a woman named Vashti. She was given that name in honor of Vashti's self respect.