Monday, September 18, 2006

Half of the conversation

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Keivan is slumped on the couch bothering me while I try to watch Babe on tv. “Why didn’t you write in our whole conversation?” He asks me.

“It was too long to put in the blog.”

“But you should have put in the part when Mr. Beard said that Iran was looking for a fight.”

“He didn’t tell me that.”

“He told me.”

Keivan often expects me to “grok” his conversations with others as if I am really a stranger in a strange land.

“He told me that Iran has been looking for this fight for the last 27 years and that all of the best minds have been working on defense.”

“All of the best Islamist minds,” I add.

“Yes. He thinks that if Israel had not attacked Hezbollah, there would have been an attack on Iran. Now, he thinks there will be no attack.”

“He always glorifies battle, doesn’t he?”

“I am not sure what he really thinks about anything. The only thing I am sure of is that he is an honest man.”

“He is honest,” I agree.

On the tv, Farmer Hogget is dancing for Babe.

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