Sunday, September 03, 2006

Guns, Butter, and DVDs

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“Listen, are they just going to talk or are they going to bomb us already?” the clerk at the computer store says to Keivan when he finds out I am American. “It’s been years. If they are going to bomb, they should bomb already.”

“We’re all better off if there is just talk,” I say.

He places the blank DVDs in plastic wrap, and we go out to get a cab home.

“So what’s going to happen,” the driver asks Keivan. “Are they going to bomb us? Will there be sanctions?”

“I was at a meeting today and the guys kept saying to me Mr. ____, your wife is a foreigner, tell us is there any news? News of what, I asked. War, they said. As if my wife gets news from Bush about war.”

“I’m sure they’ll be calling me any day,” I joke. “As if I have a hotline to Bush…”

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