Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Rumor of the week

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Under Construction has a description of post-game “celebrations” on Vali Asr Street.

Keivan’s doctor elaborated on the rumor I heard from the taxi driver that the mullahocracy specifically prohibited victory in Iran’s game with Mexico “Ali Daei works for intelligence,” the doctor told him while checking his blood pressure. “Did you see the way he was just running up and down the field? He wasn’t really part of the game. He was just moving.”

Many others have repeated the rumor which is at once funny and pathetic. This rumor is traveling through the over 40 age group. Young people are not passing this one on and laugh when they hear it. What it presumes is that Iran is such a great team that a couple of people can make a decision to win or lose. This rumor feeds right into Iranians combined sense of superiority and inferiority.

The World Cup is a great way to take your mind off nukes, sanctions, and despair. Hurray world cup!


Parviz Hamrang said...

Our national pastime is propagating conspiracy theories. Iraj Pezeshk-zad has masterfully dramatized this phenomenon which could be called "The Dae-Jan Napoleon Syndrome".

Anonymous said...

Don't you usually refer to your husband as "K"? Did you mean to give his full name?