Saturday, June 24, 2006


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1. “Some people think Iran is a hell because young people can’t go to discos or drink beer in bars. They have no imagination of what it means to have fun.”

M: “I grew up in the country, so Iran is a great place for me to have fun. You can never be disappointed by the nature here.”

ET: “It’s true that Iranians have a kind of fun that is really special and enjoyable, but I do believe that being young in Iran is a bit of a problem.”

1: “What do you mean?”

ET: “Well, you are always watched. There is so much pressure from family and from society.”

1: “Who says that?”

ET: “I see that myself. I see how young people have to put so much control on themselves because there is so much control on them.”

2: “That’s the first way to learn to lie. For instance, we get some money. Our parents ask us how we plan to spend it. We tell them a lie. We lie even when there is no reason to lie. We do not tell our parents where we are going or who we are going with. We do not tell them anything true. We are a lying people.”

ET: “All Iranians say that about themselves.”

Y: “What I like about working in Iran is that when I get angry in a meeting, the Iranians do not hold it against me. When the meeting is over, they slap my back and we are friends again. They know it is business. When I do business in Saudi Arabia, they do not accept the difference between business anger and personal anger.”

3: “Iranians show their emotions.”

ET: “No, Iranians are very controlled.”

3: “Do you think so?”

ET: “Particularly the women.”

4: “The women are really manipulative.”

1: “Because we have to be. That’s the only way for us to survive.”

K: “That’s what I always say. I’m with you.”

ET: “If the law were more fair, women would be less manipulative.”

1: “That’s true.”

Y: “The men are ruled by women.”

3: “No, it’s just natural here.”

ET: “Married men are like children. They cannot even feed themselves.”

2: “Our generation is better.”

ET: “Your generation is a lot better. I see a lot more 50-50 in younger couples.”

1: “Every generation has its lazy men and domineering women.”

2: “If you talk to ten young people in their 20s, only 2 will tell you that they want to get married. The others do not want to get married.”

1: “We have learned to lie so well that we don’t want to enter into a relationship of trust.”

2: “We had to learn to lie.”

3: “Do you wish the revolution never happened?”

2: “Of course I wish it never happened. We have fallen so far behind the rest of the world.”

1: “Me… I think the revolution has been a good thing. It has made us much more careful. We don’t believe things so easily. We think things through more carefully. Our decisions are more deliberate.”


Ikez said...

Hello to my fellow blogger in Iran. I hope life is treating you well. I just bumped into your blog while doing some research. Nice site!

Anonymous said...

huh!! I think in Iran you can do what ever you want!!!!!

catherin said...

I think that people will always do what they must to get what they need. All people are resourseful, and it is not surprising that unreasonable expectations leads to a culture of deception-I'm sure the parents lie to the children as well, and older women coach younger women how to lie to men to get what you want, and older men coach younger men on how to lie to women to get what you how strange is it that one generation has learned to lie to the other? It interesting, the relationship of trust and power...and interesting as well that young Iranians do not want to marry perhaps because of their inability to trust. How will any government, which is like a marriage, be formed from a nation in which the power elite are absolutatlly not trusted by the citizens? Its a bit like the Nixon era, when the nievite of the Americans was stripped away, and we all became reactionary and cynical. I think its good.

David Mohammad Yaghoobi said...

A few home-truths here and cerrtainly many comments that are not far from my lips or often rested on my ears.

I found the comments about lying in Iran interesting. I find that in my daily life I must conceal rather a lot. Much like a child maybe - or at least this is how it feels. Yet amusingly this is not to evade laws but rather keep away gossip and to panda to the cultural requisites. On the whole this is tiring not what I have been used to while living in the UK.

Sarah said...

I was searching about IRANIAN FUN,and found your blog on google search,But it was amazing for me that what you think about us,
If I want to be fair, I should say that you are right about many of your imagine but not at all, however about daily lying (for youth) i'm in your side.