Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Lost World

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Another Spring day in Iran...

A co-hiker described the place we went to as "The Lost World." Every time we turned the corner there was an unexpected landscape. We went from arid rock to meadow to swamp all in the course of an afternoon's hike. I am such a flatlander: every time we hike, 3 years olds pass me, Iranians laugh at me, and I never fail to fall on my ass at least once. It's great to live in the mountains for a change.

We went through a gourge to arrive at the first meadow where Iranian families and friends were picnicking and singing. A group of women had taken off their scarves and were drumming and singing in lovely high voices. Two young men walked arm in arm smoking a waterpipe. A young man prayed while his friends drank tea. Families made kebabs while fathers sang for their children. This was all capped off by the sounds of crickets and the smell of wild mint. I thought I was in a kind of paradise, and I was not alone: my companions felt that way too.

If you want to know what Iran could be: go for a hike. Posted by Picasa


jim said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience. Reminds me a near paradise on earth located in K.W at the H.home w/ beautiful lawn and trees.

Anonymous said...

Absolutey beautiful entry.

Anonymous said...

Yes the world is a beautiful place. If only humans could break away from imaginary things like god and government.