Tuesday, June 06, 2006


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Iranians and Americans share one quality that is unimaginable to my European, particularly northern and western European, friends: the ability to act in unexpected ways. (I had originally written “illogical” but settled for unexpected…) What about when Reagan sold Iran arms through Israeli intermediaries? That was unexpected, wasn’t it? From both sides, wouldn’t you agree?

Then AN has, in my mind, the normal reaction to learning of the atrocities of the holocaust: shock and disbelief. Wouldn’t it be odd if that upon learning of the holocaust he was anything but shocked? We in the west respond as though he is denying the holocaust like a westerner who grew up with the knowledge of the holocaust might. Wow, then he gets a rise out of us and just goes on and on and on…Against logic and reason. But perhaps expected…

But then, I see, that there are Americans who are selling fashion gear that says “Nuke Iran.” While Bush may plan to nuke Iran, these guys think of it as a fashion statement. What the f*** is wrong with them? (I refuse to link to their site.)

So, despite the fact that negotiations are offered and negotiations are rebuked, despite the fact that most people I know think there is a 50-50 chance of Iran getting attacked…

I believe in the power of the unexpected. I believe in the success of negotiations.


What are the chances of the Iranian team winning the world cup?

Well, we hear that the regime is inviting football celebrations this year instead of discouraging them.

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Reza said...

Hi! Glad to find here, Yes! Irianians are absolutly expert to act weird and unexpected. From saying "Hello Mister" to foreigners, to buying tactical gear and stuff from Israel.

I've got lots of cool memories about that!

Stay cool in Iran,


[P.S. Take a look at Iranian-American anti-war campaign: www.EnoughFear.org ]