Tuesday, May 02, 2006

No way, she’s not American

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Got into a taxi. The driver was speaking funny English to me: “Where from?”


“Amrika! Bah bah!”

The four men in the cab started laughing and talking amongst each other. They are thrilled to have an American in their midst. The guy in front is telling the others that I am not really American. “One of her parents must be Iranian. Americans don’t come to Iran.” He doesn’t realize that I speak Persian.

“No, no her husband is Iranian. I am sure.”

The guy up front persists. “No she is maybe English or German.”

“He doesn’t think I am American, does he?”

The driver laughs. “We told him your husband is Iranian.”

The driver begins to sing. The passengers are now discussing Condoleza Rice. “She is funny,” says the guy up front. (Funny=ba namak, which is literally “with salt”)

“No, she is sour,” the driver says. Works better in Persian.

“Now that one before her…”


“No the big woman. What was her name?”

“Albright,” offers a passenger.

“She’s a woman to love. Big, beautiful. Like me.” The driver is big, tall, and vivacious if not beautiful. “I would like to court her.”


“Yes. I want me a big American woman.”

“They say that Rice was spurned by an Iranian man and that she now has it in for Iran.”

“I’ve heard that,” I tell them. Probably from Iranians.

“Is it true?”
“I don’t know.”


Anonymous said...

good to hear from you again.
Welcome back!

Saman Sadeghi said...

I'm One of Your Iranian Readers.
I like your blog so much Cuz It's really interesting to know what non-Iranian think about Iran.
Two things about your Recent Posts:

1. "Ba Namak" means salty. but when iranian use it for People, means Pretty or sweet (not beautiful but pretty).

2. You use AN for Ahmadinejad. but AN in Farsi means Excrement in English and it is a slang (AN=SHIT)

that's all...
Keep on writing...
Best Regards...

ET said...

Thanks. Saman, I think I am right in translating Ba Namak as amusing or funny-cute rather than the blander "pretty."

I never meant AN to mean shit. It's just a convenient abbreviation. I think most of my readers know this. They enjoy making it that themselves.