Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Baby She Wrote Me a Letter

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AN is in the foreground, pen in hand, looking pensive; Bush is shown in the background, sitting in a simple chair, reading the letter on his lap. A woman reads the 18-page letter in stumbling Farsi.

That was Iranian tv a few nights ago. Why oh why didn’t I take a picture of the screen?

“When I read that letter,” a friend tells us, “I sat down and composed a 5-page letter to our president myself. Who does he think he is writing in that tone of voice? Everything he thinks he is saying about America is a problem here in Iran.”

“It could not be just 1-page, could it? Or even 5-pages? No, it had to be 18 pages. And can you imagine Bush reading PBUH Jesus Christ(PBUH)… What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“You know when we lost it? It was during the ceremony to celebrate uranium enrichment with that blue dancing figure.”

“That was so James Bond, wasn’t it?”

“No we lost it long before that… How about when we saw Khomeini in the moon?”

The man in the moon

One of the strangest occurrences in the revolution happened in late November 1978. A rumor circulated like wildfire that a pious old lady in the holy city of Qom had found a hair of the Prophet’s beard in the pages of the Qur’an. The same evening an apparition had informed the saintly lady that the faithful would be able to see the face of the Imam Khomeini in the full moon on 27 November. No one bothered to ask how the old lady knew that the hair belonged to the Prophet or whether any such old lady existed in the first place. Within a single day almost everyone had heard the rumor and millions of people gathered on the rooftops on the promised day and waited for the full moon, shouting “Allah Akbar.” Tears of joy were shed and huge quantities of sweets and fruits were consumed as millions of people jumped for joy, shouting “I’ve seen the Imam in the moon.” The episode, a masterly coup was, probably plotted by Beheshti, who had a remarkable understanding of popular psychology in Iran.

La lettre de Mahmoud Ahmadinejad à George W. Bush

From Iran, With Something Less Than Love

Iranian Leaders Watch Dance Celebrating Iran's Uranium Enrichment Capabilities


opip said...

The picture was recycled on the president's website (via payvand)
And somehow the chair seems to be reflected in AN's desk, as if Bush were sitting on or floating above it as a spell checker / guardian angel perhaps

Gene said...

You can watch them doin' the uranium enrichment rag here.