Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dress code

It is ironic that Iran’s hijab requirement for all women despite religious beliefs has the opposite effect than described by the questionable and erroneous article stating that minorities will be required to wear identifying markers. If the regime really wanted to have visual identifiers for religious minorities, it could lift hijab requirements for non-Muslim women. This would have the intended effect without the negative publicity. In fact, many would welcome this development as a sign of progress. Hmmm…

Many religious minorities wear their own identifying markers: many Jewish men wear yarmulkes and many Christian women wear prominent crosses. It is really the Bahai who are the most oppressed. They are seen as apostates and have an extremely difficult life in Iran.

Good article Iran’s Jews by Angus McDowall:Iran's Jews struggle in the shadow of Holocaust denials


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Anonymous said...

"It is really the Bahai who are the most oppressed.".. and killed.