Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Best Spring Ever

Rain and wind and grand lightning storms have conspired to make this a glorious spring in Tehran. We’ve had wind so strong that it breaks lightbulbs, blows over potted trees, opens closed windows and chimney flues, and unties headscarves. It also carries the city’s pollution away.

I’ve been trying to go walking in the mountains every weekend to savor the clear views of Tehran and smell all the honeysuckle and wild flowers blooming: a great change from diesel fumes.

A man in a white Peykan drove us home from a trip to Jamshidiei Park. His windshield was cracked and there was a photo of his father under the mirror. “This car is 40 years old. It’s a junker,” the man says.

“How can you say it’s a junker?” my co-hiker asks. “What other car runs for 40 years? You think the new Peugeots will run for 40 years? Will the Prides run for 40 years?”

“You’re right. This car has served me well.”

“Is that your father?” I ask.

“He died before the New Year.”

“May he rest in peace,” my friend says.

“I miss him. It was just the two of us. I miss him.”
We stop at a traffic light. A man with a violin plays “Tanha Mundam” (I am left alone). He comes to our window. The driver beckons him over. “Play for me. My heart needs music.”

The light turns green and we give the violinist tips.

“He was good,” I say.

“He knows one song,” the driver replies.

“They all know just one song,” my friend replies.


LoJo said...

oh, you're really lucky. Currently, in Germany we have the worst spring ever. At least of those i can remember. Only rain and cold weather all the time...
btw: nice photo!!!

Anonymous said...

WoW!!! Teheran is a good metropolitan but I think Shiraz is the best amongst Iranian biggies!!!!

S S M said...

It was a nice post!! Thanks! As a New Englander I must say Boston in the best and as an Iranian I would say Shiraz, Kerman, Isfahan and Teheran is at the end of my list!

Anonymous said...

Is everyone in Iran pumped for the World Cup, like the rest of the world?

aje said...

Spring in Michigan is similarly rainy and windy this year. We had a week or more of rain that made me wonder what it would be like to live in Seattle. The sun was a welcome relief. It is perfect now like another day in San Jose or San Diego - clear blue skies, not hot, not cold, just right.