Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Blogging about the Election

Yahoo has a round up of Iranian bloggers blogging about the election. They know a lot more about Iranian politics than I do.

Bloggers of Iran - Yahoo! News: "Blogging has gone international in a big way.

And in
Iran, blogging means that news, ideas and rumors are bypassing traditional censors. As one of Iran's leading bloggers recently pointed out at opendemocracy.net, Iran's blogs are generating 'an unprecedented amount of information [and] pre-election news has...been much more transparent.' In fact, Hossein Derakhshan argued, ' it will probably be one of the most open and transparent elections Iran has ever seen.'"


Natwho said...
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Anonymous said...

It's sad today to look back at how wrong things went. Hossein's case has been sent to the judge for a final verdict. The prosecution is demanding the death penalty.

Ahmadenijad is in North America at the UN. I would love to have coffee with him. He might never be found again. Wonder how he'd respond to the same treatment he doles out to innocent victims.

Tori said...

@Keith. It is sad. I feel horrible about what has happened to Hossein D. My friend says that the regime treats those who sympathize with it the worst and his case clearly shows that. I sincerely hope that he is released soon. One day in prison is one day too many for EVERY single prisoner of conscience in Iran.