Monday, May 30, 2005

Nuclear Power...

Last night's tv news was abuzz with stories about this NYT article:

Across Iran, Nuclear Power Is a Matter of Pride - New York Times:

"TEHRAN, May 28 - From nuclear negotiators to student dissidents, from bazaar merchants to turbaned mullahs, Iranians agree: the right to develop nuclear power is a point of national pride.

James Hill for The New York Times

At Friday Prayer last week at the Imam Khomeini Square in Isfahan, soldiers and others raised a hand in a gesture against the United States. The banner proclaimed the right of Iran to develop nuclear energy.

'For a country to have nuclear energy means that it has made progress in all other fields as well, so other countries have to respect its technology,' said Nilufar, 29, a graduate student in energy management at the prestigious Sharif Industrial University. Nilufar, covered in black so only her face was showing, agreed to be interviewed on such a delicate topic only if her family name was not used."

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