Friday, May 27, 2005


"I wish that the foreign journalists in Iran would try to find some new topics," K said to me last night.

"Like what."

"Like what they like about Iran."

"I like the spring," I told him. "Iran has the best spring that I've ever experienced."

It also has my very favorite dining experience: an outdoor seat in a parking spot, liver ("JeeGAR" in Persian) kebab, basil, lemon, coke, and fresh flat bread. "If you write about this, Iranians living abroad will cry," K tells me.

This may sound awful, but trust me, it's not. Our favorite spot is located between a butcher and a bakery which means everything you eat is fresh. It's a particularly popular spot for grandfathers and their young grandsons. Friends of the owner take turns at the grill. And you are treated as like royalty.

It's a bit like my favorite meal in Holland: the herring close to Iran's embassy in The Hague.


Amir H. said...

I live in France and I adore Liver kebab even i am ready to pay for it more than normal meals prices but i can not find it here.So do not forget the people like me when you eat it with lemon & flat bread.

Anonymous said...

Read it with Homer Simpson's voice:

Hmmm ... jeegar kebab.
Hmmm ... grilled herring.