Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Interview With Iranian Presidential Candidate - New York Times:

"Q. In the Arab world, the governments have good relations with the U.S. but their people do not like America. But Iranian people like the United States even though the government has bad relations with the U.S. How can you explain that?

A. Maybe one reason is the Palestinian issue which the Arab people have a greater sensitivity about and the other one is the situation the U.S. created in Iraq. The reason is because the U.S. supports Arab dictatorial regimes. But in Iran the U.S. has this serious problem with Iranian people as well. Those who express such interests say that the United States is an influential country with large industries, an advanced country with good products and these sorts of things. But there is a larger number opposed because of this hostile attitude of the United States."

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SanDiegan said...

thanks for continuing to provide links to news articles about Iran.

I would love to learn more about family relations in Iran, since you're there. Do people live in nuclear families, like the US, or in large families? how are relations with children? strict or indulgent? when are kids expected to be 'responsible' and grown-up?