Friday, August 17, 2007

Read about us in German... has an interview with us. So Wilkommen Willkommen to our German readers!

If you are new to this blog, I have a few old posts to recommend.

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I think the most interesting posts about adjusting to life in Iran are from the first year. After that, things get just a bit too normal for me.

From 2003:

Kamran's first post from Iran: Arak

Our first trip to Darband (or was it Derakeh): Iranland

Our first post on Taxis from Kamran (scroll down until you see the title: Taxi Driver)

The Women's Party

When Shirin Ebadi won the Nobel Prize: An Oscar for Iran Iran

Watching young women sell drugs in front of a hospital: A Night Out

A fascination with foreigners: Kharigi


Kamran's sister tries to convince her son to meet a woman for an arranged marriage

Election Posters


Big year! Elections and death...

Cowboy Campaigning in Iran

The New President

The death of one of my most cherished friends, Kamran's sister, a woman I still miss every day: Mourning

Tips for Journalists visiting Iran

A taste of doom: Snow

A rant against the health care system: Home care, health care, and corruption


A trip to visit the Qashqai (a nomadic group in Iran) and a surprise wedding: Wedding Bells

Part 2 of a travel report on a trip that took us from Tehran to Yazd: Next to Natanz

Casting ballots in Tehran: elections in Tehran


The many ways people find to leave Iran: Leaving Iran
I heart Iran:
A post British sailor crisis post

Hejab Crackdown: the beginning of the crackdown on women's dress

If you find others that you like, let me know.



buntnessel said...

thanks for the link to the interview. Funny how the Jerusalem Post is referred to as 'western' media - apparently 'the west' is more an ideology that a geographical area.
I went to a lecture about native americans once and the presenter showed a picture of a group of them wearing jeans, commenting: 'Here, they are already wearing western clothes...' - meaning the clothes brought to them by the invaders from the *east*.

I've been reading this blog for a while already (thanks to english doxdo ^^) but Willkommen is written with 2 l ;)
best wishes from germany...

Anonymous said...

hi tori,

after reading about your blog on sueddeutsche online this morning I have come back to it again and again over the whole day reading from one post to the next. thanks so much for these fantastic insights into iranian daily life! while I have never been even close to this area my boyfriend was there last summer. he's afghan though which made his stay in isfahan where one of his brother got married not too plesant I would put it (sorry if isfahan isn't spelled correctly...). after some time he and his brothers stopped speaking Persian in public and spoke only German to avoid people shouting at them. actually we thought it quite ironic that they seemed to be much more welcome as soon as they appeared to come from a western country than from a neighboring muslim one...

I will keep on reading your blog,

Simon Columbus said...

Thanks for the link to Süddeutsche. Funny I have to visit an Iranian blog to find an interview written in my mother-tongue :D

@ buntnessel:

For sure "Western" doesn't mean a geographical fact. It has no meaning, but everybody understands what you mean. Just a fine word...

Greatings from (and to) Germany

Tori said...

Thanks for all the kind comments. AF, you are right: it can be very difficult for Afghanis and Arabs and other "non-western" folk in Iran. It's best to be a western foreigner, and very best to be a western woman.

I love the idea of the native americans in western clothes... that is a funny concept...

Gabriel said...

I like your blog perhaps you would be interested iun this article on my blog about George Bush declaring the Iranian Revolutionary guards 'terrorists'

I visited Tehran on an academic exhange in 1998, greetings from gabriel in County Kerry, Ireland to all Iranian friends

Tori said...

gabriel, your link does not work...