Saturday, August 25, 2007

Beating the drums of war


Tiaan said...

i WANT to do something, it's madness how the west uses media to aid their cause, blinding their own people. i'm stuck in South Africa and i have no idea how to start or where to help (besides telling everyone i know about the truth of the evil west).

Anonymous said...

Most Americans certainly don't want to bomb, invade or bother any country.

We will be paying forever for what we have done to Iraq.

But that idiot Bush and he warmongering buddies. It's almost like he is the only person in the country. Nobody else matters.

It is madness, but a lot of us have woken up to what our government has been doing in other countries, especially the CIA. I am reading "Blowback" and I can't get over what the CIA does. We have changed (a lot of us) since 9/11. We realize that it didn't happen just out of the blue, it is our foreign policy that created such hatred for the U.S.

I'm sorry for president Bush, I hate him for what he's done.