Monday, July 23, 2007

Welcome to View From Iran

If you are new to this blog, I have a few old posts to recommend.

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I think the most interesting posts about adjusting to life in Iran are from the first year. After that, things got just a bit too normal for me to comment on as precisely.

From 2003:

Kamran's first post from Iran: Arak

Our first trip to Darband (or was it Derakeh): Iranland

Our first post on Taxis from Kamran (scroll down until you see the title: Taxi Driver)

The Women's Party

When Shirin Ebadi won the Nobel Prize: An Oscar for Iran Iran

Watching young women sell drugs in front of a hospital: A Night Out

A fascination with foreigners: Kharigi


Kamran's sister tries to convince her son to meet a woman for an arranged marriage

Election Posters


Big year! Elections and death...

Cowboy Campaigning in Iran

The New President

The death of one of my most cherished friends, Kamran's sister, a woman I still miss every day: Mourning

Tips for Journalists visiting Iran

A taste of doom: Snow

A rant against the health care system: Home care, health care, and corruption


A trip to visit the Qashqai (a nomadic group in Iran) and a surprise wedding: Wedding Bells

Part 2 of a travel report on a trip that took us from Tehran to Yazd: Next to Natanz

Casting ballots in Tehran: elections in Tehran


The many ways people find to leave Iran: Leaving Iran
I heart Iran:
A post British sailor crisis post

Hejab Crackdown: the beginning of the crackdown on women's dress

If you find others that you like, let me know.


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