Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Iran: View From Here

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In a review of Iran: View From Here in Payvand, Kamin Mohammadi wrote:

In describing Iran one is in danger of wearing out that age-old cliché – this is a land of contrasts and Tori and Kamran's book does not attempt to explain away the complexity or many contradictions or try to make sense of them. But within the atmospheric range of images and bittersweet essays printed here, they beautifully capture and communicate the immense charm of Iran, its ability to enslave the heart, and the tenacity of its hold over the affections in spite of the frustrations of living there. Most of all, this book is a visual love letter to a country that can befuddle the mind and nourish the soul all at the same time.

Iran: View from Here
features photographs taken over three years of living in Iran. It is a personal account that features images of Iran that not only include the snow-covered mountains and desert expanses that surround the county but also images that illustrate the culture of Iran: images of mourning and celebration, of day-to-day life, and of special events. The book captures an Iran that eludes the casual visitor and often escapes the notice of professional photographers. It's cheap too! Just $22.00 plus shipping for US shipments and €17.00 plus shipping for shipments outside the US.


Anonymous said...

So I see the page title has changed. Are you guys done living in Iran?

Anonymous said...

Did you have a hand in the book? I noticed the image from the US Embassy that used to grace the header of your blog. I'm with anonymous: I remember you saying in a previous comment that you hadn't been hacked, that the title was correct. So, what's up with that?

K said...


Yes: We are not planning to go back to Iran.

Yes: This is our photo book, Tori and I worked on it and I hope you will go and buy it. We will make some changes to the blog so it is more clear.


Urban Infidel said...

Your book looks great. I'm definitely buying one.

Tori said...