Friday, June 22, 2007

What people we meet want to know about Iran

Question 1: Hejab

It's true. We have been a bit lax communicating with you dear readers. We have been busy and not busy at the same time. Perhaps it's best to say that we are distracted.

I thought you, particularly you Iranian readers, would be interested in what the people we meet want to know about Iran. Here goes:

Did you have to wear a burqa?

No. I have never worn a burqa, but it would not surprise me if in a few years we all were wearing one. It seems to be the perfect solution to the harsh rays of the sun. In fact, I never saw an Iranian woman in a burqa. In the south, near Bandar Abbas, I did see women in masks:

Most Iranian women wear a simple scarf:

or a fashionable scarf (left)or a chador (right):

But I never saw a burqa. I bet you could find a woman or two in Iran in a burqa, I just never saw them.

Next post... Question 2: Is there a chance that there will be political change in Iran?

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Jack from Canada said...

Are they in any way hostile to westerners?

Anonymous said...

Where is the rest of the post?

CA/DC Reader said...

Continuing on the oppressed womem you often get asked "Don't all Iranian men beat their wives?" -- (thanks to Alfred Molina and Sally Field for that, I guess)

upyernoz said...

my question: i'm hoping to visit iran in the fall, can i meet you guys? will you be in tehran then?

Leila said...

Is Christianity legal in Iran? Is the Bible illegal?

philipp said...

how are other muslim/arab countries in the middle east seen by iran (allies - opponents)?

christopher said...

can ahmadinejad do something about the no tie with a jacket thing? it really doesn't seem to be working.

i thought i heard that ties were considered too western for him to wear. but he doesn't look un-western. he looks like someone from philadelphia that left the house too fast.

can someone get him into something more traditional? and darker? black and dark browns would work well for him. and it would appeal to the hardliners. are turtlenecks popular in iran?

consider hamid karzai. he looks terrific. traditional, yet stylish. i think that half his popularity comes from the fact that he's always the coolest looking guy in the room. ahmadinejad by contrast looks like he stepped off the set of glengarry glen ross.

what do you think? any hope? can his wife talk to him?

Anonymous said...

Have you met any Bahais in Iran recently/ever?

What do you think of Shiraz?

Edo River