Saturday, June 30, 2007

Question 3: Are they in any way hostile to westerners?

Are Iranians hostile to westerners? This is a broad question, but we still get it all the time. What I told a group when someone asked me this question was that the first religion in Iran is hospitality. For the most part, Iranians are delightfully hospitable to westerners: particularly American westerners.

I was greeted with warmth, disbelief, and curiosity everywhere I travelled in Iran. I have never travelled anywhere else where people were so happy to see me. I cannot stress this enough. The Iranians that I met were incredibly welcoming. You can read a bit of a recap of my feelings about Iran in this post: I heart Iran.

Edo River: I have met Bahais in Iran. You might want to read this post I wrote in 2003:

The Women's Party

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from Christopher:

Can ahmadinejad do something about the no tie with a jacket thing? it really doesn't seem to be working.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. It's confirmed what I've read elsewhere that Iranians are very welcoming people.

Marie said...

The refrain..."We love's the government we don't like"...but I think Iranians probably love Americans less today than 25 years ago :)

Tori said...

Marie, could you tell me why you think that Iranians like Americans less now?