Monday, June 04, 2007

Welcome to Chicago

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(For my Iranian readers without the most excellent Flickr access plugin for Firefox Access Flickr, the picture above is of an orange plastic palm tree: you know the type because you have all seen them.)

For those of you who have never been to Iran, one of the typical features of the roundabouts that are at the entrance and exit of just about every single Iranian city is an orange or lime green plastic palm tree or some other equally odd and most often plastic or light-up sculptural feature. So imagine my surprise as we were making our descent into Chicago, coming in on a clear evening over lake Michigan, when I looked down and saw an orange plastic palm tree lit up just outside the airport!

Welcome to Chicago!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the current situation in Iran caused you to leave? Will you go back?

Catherine said...

I have NEVER seen a plastic palm tree (I live in California), and had no idea that these weird looking trees were so desireable that plastic ones would be made and celebrated all over the world.Trully strange.

P.S. said...

I hope that if you are spending sometime in my home city, that you are finding it a relaxing break from the recent stress you were experiencing recently in Iran.

Take in the millenium park, an incredible little spot of tranquilty right in the heart of downtown next to the Art Institute.

If you're just passing through, have a safe journey to wherever it is you end up, and keep on reporting on how your life is going here as well as what you hear from friends and loved ones back in Iran.

Take Care


peosmom said...

Glad to hear that you guys are safe and sound in Chi-Town!

serendip said...

Welcome back.

Marie said...

ET, another interesting parallel in our lives, as I grew up both in Chicago and Naperville, now live in New York. In case you don't remember, I lived in Iran for a couple years and worked for UPITN; made films for Iranian television in 1979 and 1980. Man, if the internet had existed then, it would have been an entirely different experience! Welcome home! I wonder, what is next?

S S M said...

oh, Yeah? So O'hare is an Iranian district; lol! I love chicago, the city of big shoulders but Boston rules in my heart!

Esther said...

Thanks all...

Marie, obviously the next step is for us to meet!