Wednesday, March 28, 2007

No News is Good News... or Not

“I can only come over if I can accept a call from a radio station,” a friend said to us last night. We thought: cool, we’ll get the scoop on the 15 British Sailors. Well, turns out he didn’t know any more than we do, which is not all that much, but probably more than many of you know.

Is no news good news?

In most of the cases no news is good news, but since lately Iran doesn’t do things like any other places do this may not be the case here.

Since last Friday, I have had the TV remote control glued to my hand. In Tehran, it is raining, and we did not go away for holidays, so I am trying non-stop to get a little bit of news about the 15 sailors who ware captured 5 days ago. So far my only sources about this incident are the internet and foreign media outlets. My couple of attempts to get any news from the Iranian government official web site or the TV news were very disappointing. Here in Iran, the government has a different take on news: they are in the business of getting news and information rather than providing it.

Imagine the deputy foreign minister of Iran meeting with Geoffrey Adams, the British ambassador in Iran and asking him: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s up? Here it is not just “what is up?” “how are you?” like it is in the Budweiser commercials but more like “hey Mr. Adams do you have any news of your 15 sailors, because we sure don’t have any?” Here in Iran most people are on vacation. My brother called me yesterday, and he didn’t even have any idea that this had happened. “Didn’t you see the news?” I asked him. “No,” he said. He is like most Iranians: he is enjoying the new year holidays not worrying about sanctions and territorial waters.

I still want to know if they were in our waters or not. This should not be very difficult for Iran to prove considering all the advanced equipment Iran has got. Certainly, if we can enrich uranium, we have GPS systems. Right? Our foreign minister, like the British one did, can go in front of Iran’s parliament and show our evidence. Why should they ask the British sailors to tell them if they were in Iranian waters?

Today I am almost 100 % convinced that those sailors were not in Iranian waters. It is not just because I saw a live report of Margaret Beckett on the floor of the British parliament. I believe this because it is the first time I see the west, in this case UK, show evidence in a lot of detail, publicly, and very quickly. Usually we just hear that we will show you evidence, but it never really gets shown.

Margaret Beckett’s announcement that British government stopping all bilateral business activities until this issue is solved, is really bad news. It just means that we are starting the year with even more problems.

As I said before in my other posting, even if the sailors were in our waters, the problem could have been solved by using something called megaphones. Iran should and could use this tool more often to prevent anybody getting into our waters. This high tech device could prevent a lot of international crises.

The good news is that we hear that the 15 sailors are well & in good condition. Iran may release the one woman in the group in good faith. That is good but not good enough I fear.

In Iran, we say that you know if the coming year will be good by Spring time. It looks like we are starting off this year all wrong.


danielspengies said...

I'm afraid this just might be the "last straw." The Americans are sniffing around Iranian waters currently, playing war games with their carriers. There is rumor that a military strike might be coming.

Sigh, you've got to love it when a western power goes unchecked by the rest of the world.

scott said...

"A strike might be coming?" Hey Daniel, where are your sources?

What does this blog topic have anything to do with western powers being unchecked? You USA haters love any excuse to bemoan the United States, I think what we need now is level headedness and good faith, not rhetoric.

Hossein said...

well dear Keivan,no news IS good news;look at this:
I guess we are heading towards war with full speed.See you on the other side:)

danielspengies said...

It has nothing to do with rhetoric Kevin. For the record, I live in the United States. The culture here is both very violent and anti-Muslim. Of course, at this point in time I doubt a military strike against Iran is going to be met with much public support, since we have already lost a war while destroying another culture and country. But there are those in power who wish to keep Iran in-check and/or destroy them to get to the resources they maintain.

And my source comes from a story about Russian intelligence releasing information pertaining to a possible US strike against Iran coming on April 6th.

Mimi said...

well in clear you said that the Iranians deliberately provoked that incident ! I am sure you are right ! we pay the price for our policy against Iranian nuclear ambitions

Michael Wood said...

Thanks for your post, interesting to read your view.

To the people who have commented:

Pessimism never got anyone anywhere

Vince P said...

Iran made a kidnapping attempt on US Soldiers last year but were foiled:

According to a U.S. Army report out of Iraq obtained by U.S. News, American troops, acting as advisers for Iraqi border guards, were recently surrounded and attacked by a larger unit of Iranian soldiers, well within the border of Iraq.

The report highlights the details: A platoon of Iranian soldiers on the Iraqi side of the border fired rocket-propelled grenades and used small arms against a joint patrol of U.S. and Iraqi soldiers east of Balad Ruz. Four Iraqi Army soldiers, one interpreter, and one Iraqi border policeman remain unaccounted for after the September incident in eastern Diyala, 75 miles east of Baghdad.

During a joint border patrol, both American and Iraqi soldiers saw two Iranian soldiers run from Iraq back across the Iranian border as they approached. The patrol then came upon a single Iranian soldier, on the Iraqi side of the border, who did not flee.

While the joint U.S.-Iraqi patrol was speaking with the soldier, according to the report, the patrol was "approached by a platoon-size element of Iranian soldiers." An Iranian border captain then told the U.S. and Iraqi soldiers that "if they tried to leave their location, the Iranians would fire upon them." During this conversation with the Iranian captain, Iranian forces began firing and continued when U.S. troops tried to withdraw.

Iraqi and American forces returned fire "to break contact and left the area to report the incident," the report noted. "The Iranian forces continued to fire indirect fire well into Iraq as Coalition Force soldiers withdrew; for reasons unknown at this time, the Iraqi Army forces remained behind."

Vince P said...

Daniel represents the Non-backbone Left of America.

I can tell you that everyone I know , in Chicago, has had enough of the govt of Iran. And we're sick of hearing of this mythic Iranian revolution that we been hearing about brewing for 10 years.

We are sick of Iran's belligerency and we are sick of our govt tolerating it.

danielspengies said...

Vince, the United States and Britain are indeed the reason why Iran is as radical as it is currently. If you have no clue why the Iranian revolution happened in the first place, then you are obviously clueless on the subject. Any blood shed then, and now, is ultimately on OUR hands...

Vince P said...

Oh the condescention of a Western leftist.

Daniel: I know your script, it's so well perseverated by the Left , who could not hear it.

Personally, if I was an Iranian I would resent you. You act as if everything that happens on Earth is because of something the West has done. Well guess what.. other people have thier own goals and agenda and we're not the master of everything.

So continue your campaign of deconstruction and nihilism.. you help the jihad by destroying our resolve.

Good job.

danielspengies said...

Does operation ajax ring a bell to you skippy?

And do you even know what "Jihad" means?

Why are neocons in America so uneducated on everything???

Vince P said...

Go to my website if you're curious as to what I know. Thank you for your insults, I expect nothing less. Thanks for showing the world how classy the Left is.

danielspengies said...

Ah yes, the neocon who "self-educates" himself with popular books written by other self-educated neocons. And here I was thinking you might actually have a REAL degree and expertise in something.

Guess I'm the only one with those credits in this argument.

Vince P said...


The most stupid people found in all the West are the ones who are oh so impressed with their sham ideological islands called the university.

Vince P said...

To the reader and owner of this blog, I apologize for this fight with this other guy. It doesnt belong here.

halm said...

Hang on a minute.... If you have been watching the Iranian news since the incident but have seen no mention, then where on earth did the TV pictures come from that made the front page of almost every newspaper in the Western world?

I have checked the Arabic news services and no mention there either. Maybe they're not interested that Iran is trying to provoke a reaction from the UK and kick off a war.

What proof do we have that this incident actually took place? A handful of quotes from Iranian officials and the TV pictures. I'm not saying that the UK or US would make something like this up as a pretext to war.... but that's what the blogosphere has been warning of for the last 18 months...

Anonymous said...

This wasn't shown on the Persian media inside of Iran, Halm. Just on the Arabic channel, al-A'lam that broadcasts for the Arab neighbours.

Vince P said...

These comments were from another Persian Blogger, I dont know anything about broadcasting in Iran.. so i just pass it on to you:

"p.s. The footage is aired in Al-Alam, the Arabic IR TV station. I still should do a research on it, but if it was only aired on the Arabic channel, and not on the Persian channels, I guess that says that the message is not intended to reach Iranians."

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

If you think the US is very violent, then you are a complete pansy who has intentionally insulated himself fromt he reality of the world.

The ME is a mess because of Islamic clerics and Islamic dictators, and because of Ignorant and violent Islamic masses. Look at the polls, about half of the muslims in the world are sociopathic (support bombing public places, support those who kill jew and christians for being jews and christians).

Iran decided to kidnap these people in order to cause confusion and delay. This was timed with the entry of the USS Stennis carrier battle group to the region. It doesn't matter if the brits were 1/4 mile into Iranian waters, or 2 miles in Iraqi waters. This was a pre-planned event. M.A. is counting on his liberal allies in the west to cause his move to be effective, because he knows they are cowards.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Only enemies of the US, such as communists, Islamic fundimentalists, and homosexuals who want to destroy every trace of the Christianity that condems them, wish there was a military counterbalance to US power.

PS, only fags sigh.

Anonymous said...

It seems pretty likely that this was an orchestrated kidnapping. The Iranians initially provided incident coordinates that turned out to be in Iraqi waters, so then they came back with different coordinates that better suited their argument. The Indian ship that had been searched by the UK troops is still anchored in its initial position, and the UK sent someone there with GPS to verify its location - Iraqi waters again. Fishermen and the Indian captain all claim they were in Iraqi waters.

I think this will be a Public Relations disaster for Iran - especially after they exploited the hostages on TV, but I don't think it's the precursor to war that some folks are talking about.

scott said...

danielspengies, by using Russian intelligence as your source you have just eliminated all credibility as a reliable poster. Russia is moving back to communism, they have killed several journalists in the last year, and Putin’s main goal right now is to make the USA look like a warmongering monster. All the while he continues to kill Muslims in Chechnya, and oh how soon the world has forgotten the USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan.