Monday, November 06, 2006

Housin Boom

The next installment of my Mideast Youth posts is up. Here is a bit:

“Look at Dubai: the apartments are better. The construction is better, the details are better. In Dubai, they have nothing. Nothing. They have to import dirt from Iran. Everything has to be imported. Iran has everything. We have the land, the marble, the stones, the bricks: everything we need. Still, apartments in Dubai are cheaper than apartments in Iran. Why?”


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your weblog and haven't gotten around to reading all of it... However, I found your blurb on the housing situation in Dubai vs. Iran very interesting.
If you read farsi... this is a nice blog to visit too:
He's just starting out but I find his views on things that are going on inside iran very enlightening.

Anonymous said...

The answer is simple: No tax!

In U.S. we should pay the taxes for every single things regularly and especially after Iraq war taxes have raised enormously, but in the country which you should not have to worry about paying taxes, finding some CPA to enroll the taxes and show that even you lost some of your assets,... therefore, it is obvious every small businesses would like to try Dubai to decrease costs.
Unfortunately, there is no regulation in Iranian government constitution for relationship with U.S. in and it will destroy Iran in this situation. If you see back in 1960, 1970 you will find out that China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and basically East Asian countries were not even comparable with Iran on that time regarding export's income but after they got U.S. market and part of Europe, they surprise all the world.

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