Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I've Gone Native

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This may seem like a small thing to you, but it’s a large thing to me…

I used to be so meek while shopping: patiently waiting my turn at the counter, never interrupting the purchase of another customer, getting angry when other customers were served before me… And then today I caught myself interrupting another customer and not waiting my turn. I did it all so thoughtlessly that it was only when I was chomping on my Snickers bar that I realized what had happened: I’d gone native.

You see, in Iran if you do not demand attention, then you aren’t really ready to buy. That’s all there is to it. It’s not rude. It’s just a fact. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Hello! Apolgies for commenting out of the blue like this. We found your blog via the book 'We Are Iran' by Nasrin Alavi - I have to say it's actually inspired my grandfather to try and get online, a feat that has stumped the rest of us up until now!

Anyway, hope you don't mind us dropping in like this. My grandfather has a question he would like to ask, if that's alright:

Do you support our prime minister - Tony Blair - in his attempt to persuade Iran to join with syria in putting an end to the diasterous situation in Iraq?

Best regards,

N and J Boyden, Dorset, UK.

Kamangir said...

What is that bank note? A new 2000-Toman one?

ET said...


That's a 200 tuman note, 2000 rials... about 25 cents.

N and J Boyden,

Wow... that's a loaded question. Of course I want to see Iran help stabilize Iraq. I honestly do not know how much influence Iran actually has. (I am not going to speak about Syria at this point...)

Has its influence been overstated? Do all sides in the conflict have a stake in making it seem as though Iran has been more influential than it actually has? Part of me says that the answer is "YES."

One thing I will say is that we Westerners need to learn to play the negotiation game on Iran's terms. As long as we keep trying to get Iran to negotiate on our terms, we will be unsuccessful. This is their game, not ours. Public threats are doomed to failure.

Hossein said...

"You see, in Iran if you do not demand attention, then you aren’t really ready to buy. That’s all there is to it. It’s not rude. It’s just a fact. "
I was born here and after 27 years I have just learned this.you're fast!

Kamangir said...

Thanks ET. Any way, I have lived in Iran for over 25 years! :)

Minoo said...

Hi! I'm Minoo from mideastyouth. I found your bio really intersting and decided to take a look and i came across this post. I related to it a lot! I would always wait my turn patiently in line and the world would get ahead of me and a lot of times the salesperson would ask me with a snicker, "khaanoom az khaarej oomadin?!" and i would think how the hell did he recognize? what did i do wrong this time! So once i asked my dad to come with me and stand on the side to see what i did that a native wouldn't. and right when i started waiting, he started laughing and he said, that's it. you wait your turn!

Anna Nurlimasari said...

Hello .. I am from Indonesia, Your blog is good. It's complete like journal.