Friday, November 03, 2006

It's the economy stupid!

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I am writing a series of posts about the Iranian economy and posting them at Mideast Youth. The first of those is a conversation between me and a young taxi driver. Here’s a bit:

Me: “Why are you bothering those women? Do you think they’re cute?” I’d rather say: “are you flirting?” But, oh, the limitations of a non-native speaker.

Driver: “Nah, Babba… It’s not that. These girls: just look at them. All they do all day is spend Daddy’s money. They do not have to work a day in their lives. They are the obnoxious ones, not me.”

“There are some people in Iran who go to bed at night hungry and there are some people who have so much money that they do not know how to spend it. Do you think that’s right? It’s not right.”

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Esra'a said...

These posts are educational, and I love the idea of you writing a series of similar posts about the Iranian economy. I think for most of us at Mideast Youth, our knowledge of Iran is very limited and you help us fix that.

Thanks again for your worthwhile contributions.