Wednesday, August 23, 2006

9 Million Satellite Fans Can Be Wrong

In case you missed it, I posted about the satellite crackdown on Mideast Youth… Now I am posting on the follow-up.

The chief of police was interviewed by a young woman during a youth-oriented call-in show on state radio. “Colonel,” the young woman asked, “is having a satellite dish really illegal?”

“Yes, miss, parliament passed a law against it.”

“Then you mean to tell me that there are 12 million Tehranis and that 9 million of them are criminals?”

“Just because many people do something does not mean that it is not against the law.”

There was some more discussion. The colonel went on to say that… “If we see a crime we are obligated to prosecute it. If we do not see it, then it is not our business. For instance, we know that many people in Tehran drink alcohol in their homes. This is their business. As long as they do not drink in public, we will not go into their homes and stop them. If they drink in public, we are obligated to stop them.”

I think the lesson here is obvious…Keep your satellite dish in a chador and all will be well.

If you are looking for any words of insight on Iran’s response to the UN concerning its “essential right” to nuclear power --- forget about it. I have no insight. It’s the same old same old as far as I’m concerned, and most Iranians are ignoring the whole matter. We’re a bunch of ostriches over here… That said, many Iranians believe that an attack is imminent.


Ahmad said...

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Matt said...

"Keep your satellite dish in a chador and all will be well." Haha! Also, I love the bit about alcohol in homes. Even though the Islamic Republic strictly forbids it, everyone knows everyone drinks in their homes. I wonder what's going to happen the day (I don't know when it'll be) when the mullahs fall. Bassij will probably try to stop people from celebrating in the street only to get their butts kicked. Haha!

Scott said...

what kind of stations does an Iranian satelite dish pickup?

ET said...

Iranian satellite dishes get Eutelsat, Arabsat, and Hotbird. IRanians mainly watch Arabsat because it has the most entertaining programs (Dr. Phil, Oprah, 24 hour movies,and other entertaining schlock) and the Iranian music channels.