Monday, July 31, 2006


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Response to Angel:

Iranian shi’a have a rule (sigeh) that allows them to engage in a “temporary marriage” lasting anywhere for a few minutes to pretty much forever.

The joke going around Iran at the moment is that Bush has finally responded to the letter AN sent him a few months back. Bush wrote that he is interested in hearing more about sigeh.

Unfortunately, the joke works much better for Clinton than for Bush, but you get the idea.

Read more about sigeh here:

Women in pre-revolutionary, revolutionary and post-revolutionary Iran

Sigeh is not actually an Islamic practice, but a pre-Islamic one used in Arab tribes. In its pre-Islamic form women still resided with her family, her kin still retained rights, a woman could also dismiss a man, and any children begotten belonged to the wife's lineage. In Islam, sigeh changed, so that the child now belonged to the father. The practice of sigeh was primarily used as an urban function associated with long distance trade.


Anonymous said...

if someone from iran reads here...
please remember that the people of israel and the people of iran were in other era the greatest friends.
first during the cyrius emperor that gave israelis money for building the jewish temple and going back to their land,and 2-nd time during the shach, was a very good friendship between our countries.

Anonymous said...

Well said Anonymous the First. The last 30 years have been an anomaly in a 2500 year history of mutual respect and cooperation between Iranians and Jews. Iran has a history of tolerance and culture that is nothing short of admirable and friends and admirers of Iran the world over can only hope that the reign of extremism in Iran will not go on for long. The people of Iran deserve far better. Dear Iranians - when you decide to come back, there will be many Isarelis waiting for you with open arms. There is so much about you and your history that many of us admire.
Anonymous, the Second.

Angel said...

Thank you very much E.T.
Well an other proof of the "superiority" of the islamic "moral". It's possible to marry 9 or 12 or 14 years old baby-girls (i call it paedophilia), marry more women (4), "marry" just for sex (for several minutes) and than the proud islamists want to convince the world of the superiority of their moral with arguments like "in islamic society there is no divorce"... of course: a divorced woman cannot afford to live alone and she loses automatically the children.. Well, I call it just HYPOCRISY.

ET said...

Angel, When I first met my husband's sisters, we got into a conversation about divorce. K said, "In the west 50% of all marriages end in divorce." His sisters said, "In Iran, it's 100%, but we still live together."

To be fair, many Muslims find the practice of marrying girls off young abhorrent. I have met several very observant Islamic women in Iran who were married off at 13, 14, 15 and have daughters. They have all, to a woman, told me that they would not allow their daughters to marry any younger than their mid-20s.

Marrying off girls at a young age is not done so often. The fact remains, however, that it is legally possible. Worse, 9-year old girls can be tried as adults.

Another thing I despise is that hijab laws that kick in at nine years old mean that very young girls grace magazine covers in poses meant for adult women.

Anonymous said...

Iranian People and Israeli have always had one common enemy that's the Arabs. As a metter of facts the Jews in Iran for the past 2470 Years (2500-30=2470); have been integrated part of Persia and I hope the Israeli people forced their government to be bacome friend of Iran.