Monday, July 24, 2006

Dance the night away

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Late one night last week, we drove west to a garden in the middle of nowhere for a wedding party. We drove by burning trash, industrial buildings, and military outposts. “This cannot be right,” we were thinking.

We drove onto an empty road and pulled up to a dented, dilapidated gate. It was dark. “No way is this it; it’s too dark.”

“No this is it,” the driver said. A police car drove by. Our driver leaned out the window to ask the police if this was the Garden we were looking for.

“It could be,” they answered and drove slowly away.

Keivan got out and knocked. The gate was opened by a sleepy Afghan. We see the lights of the party in the distance. “This is it!”

“If this were in America there would be signs and balloons everywhere.”

It only makes sense that in Iran a wedding party would be so coy. Once in, we danced with women dressed in tasteful gowns and men in sharp suits wearing silk ties around their necks.

A friend has just returned from Baghdad. “It’s horrible. People are really stressed. Baghdad is breaking up. Baghdad has neighborhood refugees now. People from one neighborhood are moving to others. It has become just too dangerous.”

We dance.


Anonymous said...


Thought you might find this article about Tehran interesting:

Angel said...

Hello E.T. I would like to ask if there are "companionate marriages" in Iran. It´s called misjar in arabic and it´s not a proper marriage, just a juridical contract between lovers, to avoid punishment for the "crime" of fornication.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Are u a Muslim? Because dancing and singing and all that stuff (especially in a male-female environment) is haram, or dont you read Ahadith ;)? I also got married and islamically marriage should be simply. Mine was and I had a blast though, I was with friends, we ate a lot and had fun, "even" without free-mixing, alcohol, or music! My husband and I love each other greatly but thats probably, because we met and had got to know each other before marring (on a conversational-level).

What annoys me the must is the ppl blabbering about "forced marriages" in Islam. There is NOTHING like forced Marriages in Islam - a girl have to give her consent! And if some Muslims or even a great majority practice forced marriages they will be punished for that in the hereafter and its not Islams fault that Muslims are not properly following their religions.