Thursday, March 23, 2006


Hoo ha! On our first vacation in a long, long time. The flight from Iran was uneventful. By the end of our flight, not one woman was wearing a headscarf. "You would see more women in headscarves on any flight in Europe or the US," I told K. Turns out I was right. On the US leg of the trip, more women were in hijab in our 10-row area than on the entire flight from Tehran.

At dinner with friends we were talking about Iran. "Sorry to say," said K, "But Iranians who are not in Iran don't know shit about what is going on there."

"We've been gone a day, and I don't know what's going on there!" I added.

It's true. I feel so distant so soon. Here, everyone is talking about sanctions and bombing and the only thing you only hear the worst possible things about Iran. People seem to think that I lived in a state of suspended fear which is not at all true. At the same time, the pressure that you feel in Iran is even more obvious when you leave. When you are there, it surrounds you on all sides like air pressure, so you just kind of get used to it. You know you feel pressure, but pressure feels normal. When you leave, you feel this huge weight released from you: it's almost physical. It *is* physical. I feel like a balloon; I feel so light.


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time, thanks for your blog!

S S M said...

It is almost true! Thanks for your nice words. PEACE-IRAN-AMERICA-PEACE

Anonymous said...

Ah, the peace wish is true, I feel that. What else is almost true?

Indiana is nice when it isn't snowing, like today. Hope you are warm and having fun, not thinking too much,just enough to keep talking with us.

Winston said...

I always throw up when I hear these leftist idiots say : "These people living out of Iran dont know shit about Iran"

Dude, some body gotta tell them that it was old school. And this is 21st century, the age of info.

I have internet, phone, webcam, digital camera, weblogs and online journals to understand what is going on in any country, not just Iran.

Oh well, the hell with idiot leftists and so-called mullahs reformers. who cares about them?

Anonymous said...

I still believe people outside iran dont know shit about what is going on inside iran.
And no internet, phone, webcam, ... or whatever is going to help them. I would recommend you to visit iran for just a month or so and you will see for yourself.

Kamran and Tori said...

Thanks for the kind words from everyone.

Wow, Winston... so I am a leftist idiot. Thanks. Most of my leftist idiot friends think I am a conservative shithead. I think of myself as a muddle-headed moderate. It takes all kinds! Thank God for diversity. Hooray!

Anonymous said...

O, whew, thot he was talking about me, being a newbie to this stuff and all. And definitely sorta kinda left (depends on who ya ask and what issue).... more for sure NOT in Iran.

Keep on enjoying and writing.

S S M said...

Hey Winston!! I am an Iranian, but there are a lot of people in Iran who don't know shit about our democracy and America. Yes! America is land of opportunity but not the one which Iranians expect it to be!!!!

Kamran and Tori said...

Winston, come back! We all miss you!

I was just telling my sister that it took me a long time to learn how to be teased and now that I have learned how, I could not be happier!

Winston said...

I do think I know enough about Iran, America and the democratic values!

cribs said...

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