Thursday, March 16, 2006

Burning flags

Still blocking satellite least in our neighborhood. K was watching Iranian news. Lots of nuclear discussion: "America goes against international will" kind of stuff. At one point he started laughing, "They are saying that people were using American and Israeli flags to make the bonfires for Char Shanbe Soori." (Last Tuesday night of the year.)

"Your place was empty," my sister-in-law tells me. "We built a fire at the head of the street. The whole neighborhood came out. There was loud music and dancing. We stopped each car that went by and made everyone in the car get out to dance. Really, it was fun."

The taxi drivers had their own spin "They wanted to stop us from celebrating, so we celebrated even more," a driver tells us.

It really did seem as though all of Tehran was out with fireworks, music, and bonfires. The air in our neighborhood was so thick with smoke that we could not even see.

Hence... the burning flags.


قرقیزنامه said...

hello i linked ur veblog in my veblog i congradulate u nowrooz and wish best for u

opip said...

Happy Now Ruz ET! I left you some bitterballen, they still look good, perhaps you should have them now.

Marie said...

Wishing you and your Iranian family a Happy Nowrooz, ET!

Nima said...

Hi My friend!

I will read your page.
Please view my blog too.

ET said...

Thanks for the bitterballen. With herring, it is the perfect meal.

And happy Norooz to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Dear ET

Happy Norooz.

I was thinking of visiting your country in June, but not sure what is going to happen.

I think your blog is great.

I am not American, and don't live there but blog that always cheers me up/makes me laugh is one in called Fanatical Apathy. It is by an American comedian. I have been reading it since the last election..I am sure they would love it if you sent them some posts.

Anyway. Hopefully I will get to see Iran.