Thursday, March 09, 2006

That Seventies House

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All of our news channels were blocked the past few days (except VOA: “Their news is 20 years old,” K commented.). Presumably it was to prevent us from becoming alarmed over the nuclear talks in Vienna. Who knows? Monday, K woke me up at 5 in the morning to tell me there would be no sanctions. “There was no evidence of intention to make a bomb.” Of course, the talks were still continuing…

Entertainment in Iran runs to two extremes: the news and mindless entertainment which is how we found ourselves mesmerized by MTV and The Seventies House. Three presidents that served in the 1970s? Eisenhower, Roosevelt, & Nixon. (Not out answers, of course). When was the bicentennial? 1972. Which country held 70 American’s hostage in 1979? Guatemala. This was followed by a disco carwash dance contest.

“And they want to bomb us?!”

Yes. I said “us.” It’s time for a vacation.

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Anna said...

Really enjoyed reading some of your post. Have you always lived in Tehran? Could somebody who has lived abroad live there now alright (am considering it)?