Wednesday, January 18, 2006

There is a mouse in the wall and it has ears…

New Persian lesson of the day… In Iran it’s not that “the walls have ears,” but that "the mouse in the wall has ears…"

I was speaking with a group of Iranians about nothing in particular and learned that saying as well as this one: “He left his hat backstage…” which is what you do when you lose control of a situation.

My “teachers” were calling me Miss America. “I just cannot remember your name,” the ringleader explained. “I hope you do not mind being called Miss America.”

“Why don’t you invite Bush to visit you here?” One asked me.

“Do you really want a visit from Bush?”

“I think if Bush came to Iran, he would see what a peaceful people we are and he would put the whole world’s minds to rest. Don’t you agree?”

I laughed. One of the group added, “When you do not visit Iran, you think we are an awful people… that we are terrorists, right?”

“Right,” I agreed. “That is the way the world sees you.”

“But we are nice. We do not want to fight anyone. We are peaceful.”

“You are,” I agree.

Iranians are worried about being bombed. Many are already making predictions about where. Apparently housing prices have dropped in a certain neighborhood of Tehran.


Anonymous said...

So whats next with Iran

Mitch H. said...

Good lord, tell them we don't fear the Iranian *people*, we fear the people running the country, for the very good reason that these people who run the country are prone to speculating in public about the liquidation of entire peoples and nations, and seem to be doing their very best to acquire the capability to do what they're threatening to do. As far as we're concerned, the Iranian people are held hostage by the maniacs running Iran.

Jimmy said...

same fears are shared every where in the middle east. we are looked at as bloody terrorists who're ready to do any malicious deed while repeating "Allah"... they don't know us and they think they are right... however they don't know that they way they see us is imposed on them by their own regimes. they think their allies are angels and their opposers are bloody devils... but still to answer mitch... it is not that they are bad people... it is because it is the way their regimes want them to see the world.

Mohd said...

Just a suggestion. Perhaps next time you should tell them why Americans have such a perception about Iran and Iranians. Perhaps you should tell them about the negative campaign against Iran in the Western mass media. Perhaps you should tell them how Iranians are perceived in the West. By the way, one question: with all those shouts of “Death to America”, do you think Iranians think the same way about Americans? Do you think they see *Americans* as a bunch of terrorists who want to destroy their lives? Why is that?

Marie said...

Iranians,as you know, are a diverse people with ancient roots that stretch way beyond Islam, but the mullahs have got a stranglehold. The media is completely censored, but hey, it's happening here in the U.S. Much of our media is censored by corporations who produce garbage for mass consumption, so you have a population that sleep walks through life, with little comprehension of the world.

Anonymous said...

What is your response to "The Satirist's Guide To the Iranian Nuclear Crisis" by Ebrahim Nabavi, (January 20, 2006) ref:

-Troy Z

ET said...


about the article in the Forward: it's not satire.

Anonymous said...

Bush doesn't need to go to Iran to know that the majority of Iranians are nice people. We all know that. (well, most of us) :- )

I'd love to visit Iran one day.
It's a beautiful country.