Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Lotsa Snow

We watched as the snow just fell and fell and fell. For days it has been so overcast that you could not see the mountains a few miles away (thank god it was not pollution blocking our view). For two days now, we have had sun which has has revealed the white moutains surrounding Tehran. (I promise to post pics) There are lots of tall pines in Tehran, so it did not take too much snow to make the northern and colder part of the city look like a Christmas postcard.

All this and nuclear negotiations too! For 2 years I have been arguing with Iranians about their nuclear ambitions. Sharon’s stroke has provided me with yet another argument. You’ll note that Sharon is being treated in a hospital in Jerusalem, not in Paris or Berlin or New York. Which head of state in the rest of this region would receive critical care within his own country? Iran has great doctors, minimal medical ethics, little investment in infrastructure, and almost nothing invested in research. Yet, the official line is that the West is keeping them from “scientific” research. Iran could have brilliant, groundbreaking medical research and medical care if the priorities were on healthcare instead of proving to the world they can do something the Americans did 60 years ago.

All the n-bomb does is bring you more enemies.

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