Wednesday, January 18, 2006


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I caught an episode of Oprah when her guest was Jamie Foxx. Laughed a lot. My host said to me, “This is what gives life: a comedian. This regime just wants to make us cry all the time. They want to take away our laughter.”

The next day, I was in a taxi. The driver said to me: “We never laugh anymore. All we do is cry. That’s all we are allowed to do.”

“Don’t you watch Barareh Nights?” I asked.

“You got me,” he answered. “That *does* make me laugh.

Barareh Nights is the current rage on Iranina tv. It is really stupid if you are not familiar with current Iranian culture. If you are, then it is funny: the ridiculous accents, the silly scenarios, the jealousy, bribery, and petty vindictiveness. It’s all funny. JIGGAR… (that last endearment is for my Iranian readers...)


Catherine said...

If the strategy in Iran is to steal your laughter, here in the US it is to drown us in it. Our media keeps everything superficial, cute, harmless, nothing to worry about. Bush was elected on a platform which strove to make him seem like a person you could have a beer and a joke with, and he made fun of himself on his campaign. And we now have a movie out called, "Looking for comedy in the Muslim world," starring a famous jewish actor from NY.

I feel that laughter is essential to resolve conflict, to relate to others, to relieve our images of being bound by our identities, but like everything, it should be balanced. We in the US are now hooked on making light; they have taken away our thoughtfullness.

Anonymous said...

I've seen Barareh Nights. It's silly. I'm sorry it will be going off soon. Regime doesn't have much of a sense of humor. Especially when the jokes are about them.

[Don't smoke too many peas.] :- )

hesam said...

I like this shows iran better than other countries.
I am iranian and know that our country policies is not all correct,but iran is growing and some countries just prefer to be king of universe,and are not pleased that some countries get more important.World is changing and future is not based on what a few needs.(if they really know what are their needs.)
lets think a bit wider.