Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Yes, I Will Vote

Kamran Ashtary
In less than ten days, millions of Iranians will go to the polls to participate in what might be the most important election since the revolution thirty years ago. I want to vote because I believe that it is a fundamental right to use every democratic tool we have to try to influence change in our beloved land. This is especially true even when the options are not our dream options. The government of President Ahmadinejad has show and created a situation, nationally and internationally, that can easily get out of control and have disastrous effects for the country and the people we love.

I don’t believe in these people and do not think any of the candidates can solve the enormous challenges we face, but I am still voting. During the past thirty years, our rights as Iranian citizens have been constantly under attack. This has been true despite many promises of protection and invitations to engage in the building of our society.

I am voting with the hope that not only the hardline government will change, but that we will build a more democratic society where women’s rights, a free press, free speech, and human rights are not a dream. Last 4 years proved our right can be in more danger than we could even imagine.

Being part of this initiative was unthinkable for me just four years ago. Four years of right-wing Ahmadinejad has put Iran on a downward path. I believe that Iranian expats should play a more constructive role and not keep waiting for some magical transformation of power.

Let’s make a change. Let’s vote.

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Eric Fischgrund said...

• Iran Voices (http://apps.facebook.com/iranvoices/main) - a Facebook application designed to leverage the power of social media to provide the Iranian community a forum to share and gather thoughts on the upcoming Iranian Presidential Elections. The tool, which combines a polling tool with related comments from Twitter, allows users to track, gather and present the Iranian people’s voices from around the world. The site will also allow easy access and a forum to comment on the upcoming individual candidate “debates” being televised for the first time.

Tori said...

Eric, Please tell us more about yourself and the founders of the site.


Eric Fischgrund said...


No problem, shoot me an e-mail at efischgrund@avalanchepr.com . I'd be happy to answer questions and provide more information.

- Eric

Ms Helen said...

Hey Kamran,

I really enjoyed this post. It enunciates all what I think about voting, even when your options seem limited (and this is talking about Australia).

Have a safe trip to the Hague to vote - you mentioning that reminded me of Tori's chapter when you go to get visas.