Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Many Iranians Speak Out on Obama

I wrote about my own wish for an "Ich ben ein Berliner" moment in a previous post that has sparked a lot of discussion. Since then, I have spoken to many people who are demonstrating each day and putting their own lives on the line. They asked me what Obama has been saying about them. I told them that he finds you inspiring and has condemned the violence. "Do you think he should say more?" I asked. Every single one of them told me, "No. He is doing the right thing." I asked, "If you could send one message to Obama what would it be?" and they all answered, "He should never ever recognize the government of Ahmadinejad."

I defer to their wishes.

And btw, I want Iranian diplomats to go to 4th of July celebrations at American embassies. Yes. Why not? As one friend in Iran has repeatedly said, the isolation simply serves to fuel their narrow world view. Travel, she always told me, would only help integrate them into the rest of the world.

(BTW: Great interview on Fresh Air with Karim Sadjadpour.)


Evandro dos Santos said...

athe world is seeing the things that has happened to you through the Internet, this is the greatest weapon, communication, good always wins. God be with you all Iranians

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry for what is happening there in Iran. It was terrible to see that young lady murdered on tv last night. I wish you can get through this very soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm not 100% on them being allowed to the July 4th celebrations. Regardless, he is doing the right thing regarding Iran. My prayers are with all Iranians (inside or out).

ella said...

"I want Iranian diplomats to go to 4th of July celebrations at American embassies. Yes. Why not? As one friend in Iran has repeatedly said, the isolation simply serves to fuel their narrow world view."

Looking at behaviour of Ahmadinejad after his talks at US university and after his mingling with some Iranians and well-known Americans, his visit fueled his narrow world view instead of opening it. Why do you suppose these diplomats would be different?
You are also saying that majority of Iranians support American position of not doing much.
I watched on CNN fragment telephone conversation with a girl caught in basiji crack-down yesterday. Her last world were "help us, help"
Are Americans really doing that by not condemning in the strongest words behaviour of Iranian government?
Do Americans send such signals by inviting Iranians bureaucrats who have part in what is going on Tehran, Tabriz, Shiraz and elsewhere? Or do you sent signals that you don't care?

Tori said...

Ella, I did not say that a majority of Iranians agree, just many. I have received letters from Iran and talked to people in Iran who have said the same thing. And I defer to all of you on the 4th of July thing.

Ella, "Help Us" how? The best way the US can help is by allowing the Iranians who are fighting for their democratic rights to do so without our meddling. We have proven over and over again, all over the world and throughout our short history, that meddling in the causes of others hurts them and hurts us. Look at Hungary, Iraq, Cuba, for example. How has US "help" helped?

The US has already meddled in Iran enough. We are not deft enough to help with hurting.

FearlessDream said...

I think it's almost enough that Obama finally used the word "condemn." However, like your Iranian counterparts, I don't believe in Obama's willingness to recognize the Ahmadinejad government. I also don't believe he should recognize the Islamic regime as a whole, but we all have our own opinions on that matter.

I am glad that the White House rescinded its 4th of July invitations to the Iranian diplomats. While Iranians asking for their freedom are being killed on the streets, Obama shouldn't be serving BBQ to the murderous government's representatives during the celebration of the founding of our free nation, which would be a very hypocritical gesture on Obama's part, IMHO.

Keep up the great work on your blog here! You provide us with a very interesting perspective on things.

Anonymous said...

WE as American people send our prayers and Love to the Iranian People, may God watch over the citizens of Iran and protect them, from the Ahmadinejad government, forgive me but the man is spawn from devils. He is evil in it's purest form. Evil pours from his eyes, and if you look closely he has no soul either. His eyes are dark and dead. I don't mean to offend anyone, but beware of a false profits.

slash said...

I offer my prayers and strength to all the Iranian people. You must remain strong and defiant. As a Canadian, and an IT geek, I have done my best to turn my own networks into a series of TOR and proxy servers to help get your words out. I have seen Iranian IPs connecting and data passing through. You guys are in my every waking thought.

Anonymous said...

My Iranian friends, don't give up your struggle to have your voice be heard. I am sure despite their attempts to quiet you down your leaders hear you and the world hears you as well and feels empathy. Things may not change right away, but I believe they will sooner than later. our leaders simply cannot expect to continue much longer stifling peoples liberties.

24 Hour Party People hotel, Oslo

ella said...


Do you think that condemning equals to meddling ?
Reporters Without Borders did condemn arrests of journalists and bloggers inside Iran. Why can't US strongly condemn that?
Without journalists reporting (more or less) freely from Iran how would we get reliable informations about Iran?
Without bloggers writing from Iran how would we know what is going on in Iran and what Iranians think?
We would get only one-sided informations and we would not get the whole spectrum of views from Iran.
I think foreigners deserve to get as much information on Iran as possible.
So why can't the government of USA follow in the footsteps of Europeans - because now, surprisingly, Europeans lead.

Anonymous said...

I think the Iranian President is horrible and is just like Adolf Hitler! He says the Holocaust never happened, yet I bet he would do the exact same thing.

Jim said...

Well said. The US has made its mistakes but as a people we are with you and admire your courage and solidarity. The world is watching and we cannot interfere, but we ARE with you. It will take time, but don't give up!