Friday, August 29, 2008

Twenty-year Anniversary of Mass Executions in Iran

20 year anniversary of mass executions

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In Amsterdam and many other places there will be ceremonies tomorrow to mark the 20th anniversary of the mass executions of political prisoners in Iran.

The Iranian regime seems to be marking that anniversary by executing as many people as they can find guilty of capital offenses and flouting international law.

Twenty years ago thousands of people were killed in Iran. Anyone who could challenge the authority of the fledgling regime was killed. They essentially got rid of an entire generation of leaders: in most cases, people who fought long and hard for the overthrow of the Shah and the implementation of a more just government.

Kamran has been researching these executions for some time now. I hope that he will post here shortly.


Anonymous said...

Too bad the Iranian didn't finish the job of wiping out you lying murderous terrorist MEK people before you ran off to your uncle Saddam's arms and helped him kill Iranians.

Tori said...

PU, get a whiff of that hate.

Anonymous said...

I too hate MEK. And so do all people in Iran. So what? Who said we have to love you terrorists and traitors who are now whining about "human rights" when you were responsible for the worst atrocities of the 1979 revolution not to mention killing Iranians during the Iran-IRaq war? Drop dead.

Kamran said...

okay, I am now dead. bye