Sunday, August 17, 2008

"I will not stand by while my neighbors are denied basic human rights just because they are Baha'is"

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The first time I attended an all women's party in Iran, there were many Bahais, a couple of Christians, a Jew (me), and several Muslim women. One of the Bahai women told me that although the Iranian regime had become less tolerant of the Bahai, the Iranian people had become more tolerant since the revolution. I know that many in Iran would like to see a lot more religious tolerance in their country. I am tempted to close with Inshallah, but we all know that tolerance is our own personal choice and not subject to the will of God.

BTW, This video was made by predominantly Muslim youth...

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EdoRiver said...

Karma eventually comes back around. The Iranian government is tied to the clergy. It is impossible for the government to make a decision on anything above the level of deciding the number of postage stamps for a Parliment secretary. Therefore, knowing the embrace of Shia Islam on the Iranian government, Shia will have to crumble before the policy against Bahais changes.